Daniel Owen


Daniel Owen is a decorated freelance photojournalist and multimedia producer specializing in editorial content, multimedia stories and photo essays focusing on socio-economic issues around the world. Owen was named the 2015 runner-up college photographer of the year and has been recognized by CPOY, NPPA and the SPJ for his documentary work.

Owen graduated from Ohio university’s school of visual communication in 2014 with a degree in photojournalism. During his undergraduate studies, he attended the Eddie Adams workshop and was nominated by Ohio University for the Henri Cartier-Bresson award. He has Interned with the Palm Beach Post, the Colorado Springs Gazette and the Hartford Courant. His documentary work takes him around the globe; however, his primary focus is covering various people groups in Eastern Europe and the Appalachian region of the United States. His work has been featured in numerous major publications, and his documentary, “The Jews of Oradea: A Story of Survival” has been featured by THE NEW YORK TIMES LENS BLOG, THE WEEK'S CAPTURED BLOG and THE UNITED STATES HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL MUSEUM amongst others.

Daniel and his wife, Teodora, are based in Ohio and Romania.