Our Mission

The GroundTruth Project is a nonprofit media organization dedicated to supporting a new generation of journalists and to adding increased knowledge and understanding on critical global issues through our enterprise journalism.

Headed by Charles M. Sennott, GroundTruth is committed to narrative storytelling that enlightens and informs across media platforms, including digital, radio/podcast, television and documentary film. Our reporting centers on issues of social justice that matter for an increasingly interconnected world, including human rights, freedom of expression, emerging democracies, the environment, religious affairs and global health.

At the core of what we do is the idea of "ground truth," which, put simply, means being on the ground to tell the story. The origin of the term comes from NASA, and refers to part of the calibration process used in satellite imagery. When NASA measures something with a satellite, an employee on the ground takes the same measurement. That human measurement is known as “ground truth.”


We are a registered 501(c)(3) headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. 


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October 8, 2015

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Our Board Of Directors

Charles M. Sennott

Charles Sennott is the Founder and Executive Director of The GroundTruth Project. He is an award-winning foreign correspondent, author and...

Gary Knight

Gary Knight is The GroundTruth Project’s Co-founder, Board Member and former Photo Editor. Knight is the Founder and Director of...

Linda Mason

Linda Mason is chairman and co-founder of Bright Horizons, the largest worldwide provider of worksite child care and early education....

Calvin Sims

Calvin Sims is currently the President and CEO of International House, where he is responsible for the overall management of...

David H. Feinberg

David H. Feinberg brings over 25 years of corporate law experience to the formation and growth of Feinberg Hanson LLP....

Christopher Bake

Christopher Bake is a member of the Executive Committee and the Head of Origination at Vitol. He is also Chairman...

Alan Khazei

Alan Khazei is a social entrepreneur who has pioneered ways to empower citizens to make a difference. Khazei is the...

Jim Bildner

Jim Bildner is the CEO of the Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation. In his role, he searches for new grantees to...

Our Advisors

Edwin J. Torres

Editor-at-Large, GroundTruth Emerging Photographers


Sebastian Junger

Journalist, Author, Filmmaker, Contributing Editor at Vanity Fair

Tracy Jarrett

Multimedia Producer & Reporter for NBC News


Yuen-Ying Chan

Founder of the Journalism and Media Studies Centre at Hong Kong University

Phillip Martin

Senior Investigative Reporter, WGBH

Justine Calma

Climate Change Reporting Fellow


H.D.S. Greenway

Author of "Foreign Correspondent" and Former Foreign Editor, The Boston Globe

Deborah Amos

Senior Foreign Correspondent, NPR

Bob Woodruff

News Correspondent, ABC News and Head of the Bob Woodruff Foundation

Lynsey Addario

Photographer at the New York Times and Recipient of the MacArthur Genius Grant


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October 7, 2015

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January 12, 2015